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, and removes a ton of repeated and tedious http specific code typically found when developing under other web frameworks.Installation: The following will create a new directory called nudge:git clone git:// nudgeactivate a virtual environment (if desired)python installFurther nudge rationalization:Nudge was created to make Evite's python services portable. We did not want to be tied to any specific web technology, and we wanted to be able to write clean python classes that were not directly tied to http requests.At the time we were using tornado directly where you supply one class for each uri. This resulted in over a hundred classes, and a complete breakdown in organization.We also wanted to steer clear of typical "handler" code which usually does some error checking and request routing, and always requires a lot of repeated and unorganized code.What Nudge IS:- A web service layer mini framework- A great solution for making a RESTful API- Used to make a WSGI compatible Python application that can be run by a Python HTTP server.- Also good for making traditional web applications, but this is not the normal use case.What Nudge is NOT:- Intended to replace full stack frameworks like Django- An HTTP server- A presentation layer framework (but can be easily combined with other free Python tools to make a nice presentation layer)- Might not be the best choice for simple classic web sites.Product's homepage Requirements:

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