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zc.buildoutsftp is a Python module that provides a zc.buildout extension that provides support for SFTP. To use it, simply provide the option:extensions = zc.buildoutsftpin your buildout section. Then you can use sftp URLs for find-links or index URLs.An SFTP URL is similar to an FTP URL and is of the form:sftp://user:[email protected]:port/pathwhere the user name, password, and port are optional. Here are some examples:The following URL accesses the path /distribution on download.zope.org:sftp://download.zope.org/distributionThe following URL accesses the path /distribution on download.zope.org using the user id jim:sftp://[email protected]/distributionThe following URL accesses the path /distribution on download.zope.org using the user id jim and password 123:sftp://jim:[email protected]/distributionThe following url accesses the path /distribution on download.zope.org using an ssh server running on port 1022:sftp://download.zope.org:1022/distributionThe buildout extension actually installs a urllib2 handler for the "sftp" protocol. This handler is actually setuptools specific because it generates HTML directory listings, needed by setuptools and makes no effort to make directory listings useful for anything else. It is possible that, in the future, setuptools will provide it's own extension mechanism for handling alternate protocols, in which case, we might bypass the urllib2 extension mechanism.SSH CompatibilityThe extension works with Open SSH on unix-based systems and PuTTY on Windows. Unless a password is given in the URL, private keys are ontained from ssh agent (pagent on Windows).Product's homepage Requirements:

· Python
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Added support for:

· Global-configuration settings.
· Global known-hosts files.
· Host-specific ssh keys.

· Added mock-based tests for unix-like systems. Unfortunately, these tests will fail for Windows and windows support, while present, is untested.

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