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Flask-Bootstrap is a Flask extension that packages Twitter's Bootstrap into an extension that mostly consists of a blueprint named 'bootstrap'.UsageHere is an example:from flask.ext.bootstrap import Bootstrap[...]Bootstrap(app)This makes some new templates available, mainly bootstrap_base.html and bootstrap_responsive.html. These are blank pages that include all bootstrap resources, and have predefined blocks where you can put your content. The core block to alter is body_content, otherwise see the source of the template for more possiblities.The url-endpoint bootstrap.static is available for refering to Bootstrap resources, but usually, this isn't needed.MacrosA few macros are available to make your life easier. These need to be imported (I recommend create your own "base.html" template that extends one of the bootstrap base templates first and including the the macros there).An example "base.html":{% extends "bootstrap_response.html" %}{% import "bootstrap_wtf.html" as wtf %}FormsThe bootstrap_wtf template contains macros to help you output forms quickly. The most basic way is using them as an aid to create a form by hand:< form class="form form-horizontal" method="post" > {{ form.hidden_tag() }} {{ wtf.form_errors(form, "only") }} {{ wtf.horizontal_field(form.field1) }} {{ wtf.horizontal_field(form.field2) }} < div class="form-actions" > < button name="action_save" type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" >Save changes< /button > < /div >< /form >However, often you just want to get a form done quickly and have no need for intense fine-tuning:{{ quick_form(form) }}Configuration optionsThere are a few configuration options used by the templates:BOOTSTRAP_USE_MINIFIED: (default: True) - whether or not to use the minified versions of the css/js filesBOOTSTRAP_JQUERY_VERSION: (default: '1.7.2') - this version of jQuery is included in the template via Google CDN. Also honors BOOTSTRAP_USE_MINIFIED. Set this to None to not include jQuery at all.BOOTSTRAP_HTML5_SHIM: (default: True) Include the default IE-fixes that are usually included when using bootstrap.BOOTSTRAP_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT: (default: None). If set, include Google Analytics boilerplate using this account.InstallationEither install from github using pip or from PyPI. The package is known on PyPI as flask-bootstrap.A note on versioningFlask-Bootstrap tries to keep sometrack track of Twitter's Bootstrap releases. Versioning is usually in the form of Bootstrap version - Flask-Bootstrap iteration. For example, a version of 2.0.3-2 bundles Bootstrap version 2.0.3 and is the second release of Flask-Bootstrap containing that version.If you need to rely on your templates not changing, simply pin the version in your setup.py.Product's homepage Requirements:

· Python
· Flask

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