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Net::LDAP::SimpleServer is a Perl module that aims to implement a simple LDAP server, using many components already available in CPAN. It can be used for prototyping and/or development purposes. This is NOT intended to be a production-grade server, altough some brave souls in small offices might use it as such.As of November 2010, the server will simply load a LDIF file and serve its contents through the LDAP protocol. Many operations are NOT available yet, notably writing into the directory tree, but we would like to implement that in a near future.SYNOPSIS package MyServer; use Net::LDAP::SimpleServer; # Or, specifying a Net::Server personality use Net::LDAP::SimpleServer 'PreFork'; # using default configuration file my $server = Net::LDAP::SimpleServer->new(); # passing a specific configuration file my $server = Net::LDAP::SimpleServer->new({ conf_file => '/etc/ldapconfig.conf' }); # passing configurations in a hash my $server = Net::LDAP::SimpleServer->new({ port => 5000, ldap_data => '/path/to/data.ldif', }); # make it spin $server->run();The default configuration file is: ${HOME}/.ldapsimpleserver/configProduct's homepage Requirements:

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