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DBIx::Simple::Class is a Perl module written to replace most of the abstraction stuff from the base model class in the MYDLjE project on github, but can be used independently as well.The class provides some useful methods which simplify representing rows from tables as Perl objects and modifying them. It is not intended to be a full featured ORM at all. It does not support relational mapping. This is left to the developer. It is rather a database table/row abstraction. At the same time it is not just a fancy representation of a table row like DBIx::Simple::Result::RowObject. See below for details. Last but not least, this module has no other non-CORE dependencies besides DBIx::Simple.SYNOPSIS #1. In your class representing a template for a row in a database table or view package My::Model::AdminUser; use base qw(DBIx::Simple::Class); #sql to be used as table sub TABLE { 'users' } #alternative syntax: use constant TABLE =>'users';  sub COLUMNS {[qw(id group_id login_name login_password first_name last_name)]} #used to validate params to field-setters my $_CHECKS = { id => { allow => qr/^\d+$/x }, group_id => { allow => qr/^\d+$/x }, login_name => {required => 1, allow => qr/^\p{IsAlnum}{4,12}$/x}, #... }; sub CHECKS{$_CHECKS} 1;#end of My::Model::AdminUser #2. In a startup script or subroutine $app->{dbix} = DBIx::Simple->connect(...); #and/or DBIx::Simple::Class->dbix( $app->{dbix} ); #3. usage  use My::Model::AdminUser; my $user = $dbix->select( My::Model::AdminUser->TABLE, '*', {login_name => 'fred'} )->object('My::Model::AdminUser') #or better (if SQL::Abstract is installed) my $user = My::Model::AdminUser->select(login_name => 'fred'); #this is cleaner  $user->first_name('Fred')->last_name('Flintstone');#chainable setters $user->save; #update row #.... my $user = My::Model::AdminUser->new( login_name => 'fred', first_name => 'Fred', last_name =>'Flintstone' ); $user->save();#insert new user print "new user has id:".$user->id; #... #select many my $class = 'My::Model::AdminUser'; my @admins = $dbix->select( $class->TABLE, $class->COLUMNS, $class->WHERE )->objects($class); #or my @admins = $dbix->query( $VERY_COMPLEX_SQL, @bind_variables )->objects($class);Product's homepage Requirements:

· Perl

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