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Ramona is an enterprise-grade runtime supervisor which permits monitoring and controlling running apps.Ramona is has been greatly inspired by supervisord, but it is actually written from scratch because of completely different requirements.Quick introductionLet's assume your project (named foo) directory looks as follow:Let's assume your project (named foo) directory looks as follow:foo/ bin/ share/ src/ docs/ foo.py < --- this is Ramona foo.confRamona system will the provide you with following command-line API:$ ./foo.py --helpusage: foo.py [-h] [-c CONFIGFILE] [-d] [-s] {start,stop,restart,status,help,console,server,clean,unittests} ...optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -c CONFIGFILE, --config CONFIGFILE Specify configuration file(s) to read (this option can be given more times). This will override build-in application level configuration. -d, --debug Enable debug (verbose) output. -s, --silent Enable silent mode of operation (only errors are printed).subcommands: {start,stop,restart,status,help,console,server,clean,unittests} start Launch subprocess(es) stop Terminate subprocess(es) restart Restart subprocess(es) status Show status of subprocess(es) help Display help console Enter interactive console mode server Launch server in the foreground clean Clean project directory from intermediate files unittests Seek for all unit tests and execute themProduct's homepage Requirements:

· Python

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