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The application is a reference of the piano chords and scales. For the requested chord or scale application gives its formula, notes according to a selected root and shows positions of notes on the piano keyboard; it also allows to listen to the selected chord/scale.

Application supports different screen sizes and work in both portrait and landscape modes.

If you have any questions, bug reports or ideas, feel free to contact me via email. Note that I can't answer to your messages in application's comment pool on the market.
* 1.8.25b
- using note names also in chord/scale info box;
- fixed crash when running app on device with Arabic localization.
* 1.8.24b
- added different modes for playing chords (Settings - Play options - Chord play mode);
- note selector can now show note names instead of symbols (Settings - Display - Use note names);
- two note symbol conventions are now supported (Settings - Display - Note symbol convention);
- updated some translations;
- internal fixes.

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  • الاصدار : 1.8.25b
  • اضيف في: 03/04/2013
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