Jack & the Beanstalk Kids Book

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The Famous Fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk Comes to Life Like Never Before! An Incredible Interactive Story with Gorgeous HD Illustrations & Awesome Sound Effects. Puzzles, Painting, Color Games and Smart Activities Enhance the Jack and the Beanstalk Tale!

The fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk- Kids Playbook is an incredible interactive story book. Loaded with tons of engaging and superb interactive elements including jigsaw puzzles, painting & coloring games, kids from pre-school to grade school will enjoy Jack and the Beanstalk like never before!

Meet Jack, a poor boy whose mom sends him to the market to sell their one prized possession - the family cow. Jack has no luck selling his cow but meets an old woman who offers him 3 magic beans, instead of gold. Jack takes the beans home to his mom who is miserable that Jack traded their cow for beans. She throws the beans out the window. A giant beanstalk grows and Jack climbs up. He meets a fairy princess who tells Jack that in the castle lives a giant who has treasures that belong to Jack and his family. In this exciting fairytale, with the giant chasing Jack, he makes it down to the bottom of the beanstalk just in time!

Color, paint and play with jigsaw puzzles in this amazing book! Kids can read the book or have it read to them. There are great jigsaw puzzles and painting & coloring games that correlate with the book. It’s the perfect bedtime story!

What’s Inside Jack and the Beanstalk Kids Playbook:

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Jack & the Beanstalk Kids Book

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