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 PowerGrep هو اداة مفيدة للبحث عن المعلومات والملفات في جهازك، فهو يقوم بالبحث عن النصوص، الكلمات والجمل في الملفات النصية TXT وملفات الوثائق Word والبي دي اف PDF بالاضافة الي ملفات الباينري binary.

في دقائق يمكنك الحصول علي قائمة بالملفات التي تتوافق مع ما تبحث عنه، ليس هذا فقط ولكن البرنامج مزود بخاصية البحث المتقدم باستخدام regular expression والتي يمكن استخدامها من قبل المحترفين لايجاد اي شىء علي جهاز الكمبيوتر.

  • مرات التنزيل: 318
  • متطلبات التشغيل: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • الحجم: 15.29
  • الترخيص: 15-day trial; $159.00 to buy
  • الاصدار : 4.6
  • اضيف في: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  • اخر تحديث: 28/11/2013
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استخدام البرامج التي تم تنزيلها من موقعنا يجب أن يكون وفقاً للقوانين في بلدك.لا نوصي باستخدام برامج تنتهك القوانين في بلدك.،اذا كنت تري ان هذا المحتوي لا يتوافق مع حقوق الملكية الفكرية برجاء ابلاغنا بالضغط هنا


PowerGrep used to search for information in files and folders on your computer. Search for text, keywords, and phrases in text files, Word documents, and PDF files, as well as for byte sequences in binary files. Get a list of files or a list of search matches and their contexts. Extract raw data from files, or get useful statistics by grouping, counting, and sorting search matches. Use PowerGrep's rich regular expression support to search for virtually anything. Specify the form of what you want and let PowerGrep find the actual text that matches that form. Maintain large sets of files with its comprehensive search-and-replace feature, with or without regular expressions. Work safely with extensive backup and undo options. Duplicate files during search and replace to create different editions of your files.

What's new in this version: Version 4.6.0 is a bug fixing release.


What You Can Achieve with PowerGREP

PowerGREP offers you a wealth of features that will come in handy in many situations when you want to find information, update or convert files, or extract useful information and statistics. PowerGREP is a knowledge worker's Swiss army knife.

Find Files and Information

Quickly search across files, folders and archives on your computer or network. Search for words, phrases or binary data. Or use regular expressions to describe the form of what you're looking for, and let PowerGREP find the actual text. Specify as many search terms as you want. Inspect the context of individual search matches, or group identical matches together.

Regular Expression Lists

Apply any number of search terms of regular expressions sequentially or concurrently. Complex search and replace operations often require multiple steps. Use PowerGREP to execute as many steps as you want in a single operation. Run the steps concurrently (search matches won't overlap), or sequentially (replacements cascade onto the following steps). Save all steps into a single PowerGREP Action for instant reuse.

Similarly, while searching or collecting data, use a list of search terms or regular expressions to find files matching different criteria, or to extract disparate information from each file.


File Formats Supported by PowerGREP

Like most grep tools, PowerGREP is primarily designed to work with plain text files. Unlike many grep tools, PowerGREP can convert many popular file formats into plain text for searching. The original software is not needed for any of these formats. E.g. you can search through Microsoft Word documents, even if you don't have Word or Office installed.

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