PIX Logging Architecture 2.0

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The PIX Logging Architecture [PLA] is a project allowing for correlation of Cisco PIX Firewall Traffic and IDS Logs.

Centralization of the logs is provided using a MySQL database, supported by a Web-based frontend for Log Viewing, Searching, and Event Management.

PLA is completely coded in the Perl programming language, and uses various Perl modules including Perl::DBI and

key features of "PIX Logging Architecture":
· Parsing of Cisco PIX Syslog Messages
· Centralized MySQL Database Logging
· Multiple Firewall Support
· Web-based frontend for:
· Cisco PIX Traffic Logs
· Cisco PIX IDS Logs
· Searching Cisco PIX Traffic and IDS Logs
· Cisco PIX Traffic and IDS Statistics
· Event Management (Incident Management)

What's New in This Release:
· Database Redesign
· Extended Parsing Module
· Extended Search Parameters
· Optimized Traffic/IDS Log Display
· Information Logs and User-defined Queries
· Traffic Log Filtering and Descriptions
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