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Click to read our editor's review for Pierre CHATEL SliderSlider is an haxie that adds a sliding + fading effect [Preview] when opening or closing any window of a cocoa application. It adds a nice touch to the "feel" of MacOS X and it's totally unobtrusive !

Using this preference pane you can:

• Select which applications are going to be enhanced with Slider, or apply the haxie globally.
• Choose between an Up->Down or Left->Right sliding effect.
• Enable or disable the opening and closing animations independently.
• Adjust the effect duration and sliding width.

Slider is free software, but if you like it you can make a small donation via PayPal!

What's New in This Release:
· Fixed the tooltip bug
· Fixed the Safari adress bar bug
· Added the possibility to reduce the sliding effect to 0 width (only fading).

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