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Sanefile is a tool to easily and quickly clean and change a large number of filenames. The idea started when I started “ripping” my own CD’s and the filenames were all different and full of errors. When I started getting TV downloads from other sources, the issue became a problem.

I had to find an efficient way of changing a large number of filenames. Sanefile was the result. Simple, single-purpose and very efficient at it with total exploitation of Tcl’s rich Regular Expression capabilities.

What this tool is NOT: spy-ware, spam-ware, virus or any other crappy stuff.

With Sanefile, you can use the full power of regular expressions. For instance, imagine that you want to filter off all files starting with a A. To use the just A would remove from the list all the files with A in it. Not the solution. If you use ^A (Carat and A) it means that it has to match A only at the beginning of the text.

More examples:

^text matches "text" in the beginning of the name
text$ matches "text" in the END of the filename
. matches ANY character
[ ] range indicator as in:
[a-z] matches ONE letter "a" to "z"
[a-zA-Z] matches ONE letter "a" to "z" and "A" to "Z"
[0-9] matches ONE digit
[^range] (caret) matches if NOT in the range as in:
[^0-9] matches if it is NOT a digit
* operator for repetition
.* matches everything
[0-9]* multiple digits
[^a-zA-Z0-9]* a bunch of everything BUT a letter or digit
escape operator
t tab
( when you want to match (
. when you want to match .
when you want to match (RARELY DONE! Think why.)
() used to group expressions
ab* a followed with multiple b's
(ab)* multiple ab (different from above!)

^Doors.*([A-Z][0-9]*).*.mp3$ Matches all files starting with Doors, have somewhere in the middle a letter followed by digits and end in ".mp3" only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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