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Ghost Action is a new Mac application for keeping track of what you need to do using the simple and stress-free Getting Things Done method.

Most to do list app?li?ca?tions can only group your to dos into one cate?gory. This makes them difficult to use with GTD since you lose track of either your contexts or your projects. Ghost Actions solves that problem by letting you categorize your to dos by both context and project.

Ghost Action properly synchronizes your actions with iCal. In iCal, you can view your actions as to dos, your contexts as calendars, and the projects are added to the end of the to-do names. Since iCal can sync to .Mac and many portable devices using iSync, you may access your actions, projects and contexts even when you are on the move.

Getting Things Done is a simple method for managing your to do list invented by David Allen that recently has become very popular. Everything you need to do is listed as actions. Unlike many other methods, Getting Things Done doesn't emphasize priorities. Instead actions are grouped according to the context where they can be performed and the project they belong to.

Possible future actions are ignored until they can be acted upon. This makes GTD stress-free, simple and attractive even to people who normally wouldn't use a time management tool.

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