Zoom Player WMV Professional 5.00 RC3 (Shareware)

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Beyond the features provided by Zoom Player Professional Edition, Zoom Player WMV Professional will allow you to play Windows Media Video Digital Rights Management files (Copy protected WMV files).

The first thing you should do is install this Microsoft Patch if you are using an older operating system (older than Windows XP Service Pack 2). This patch shouldn't hurt your system if you install it on a later version of windows.

Next make sure you have DirectX v9 or newer installed on your machine. You can download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft.

You also need a display card and drivers that support VMR9 Video Rendering. Both ATI and NVIDIA have drivers that support VMR9. If your driver is old, you may need to upgrade it to their latest releases. You will further need to Configure Zoom Player Windows Media settings within the "Windows Media" tab under "Advanced Options / Settings".

Finally, you must authenticate the disc/file you are trying to play in order to obtain a playing license. With WM-DVD discs, usually inserting the disc accomplishes that. For WMV DRM media files, you may need to first try playing them with Windows Media Player 9.

What's New in This Release:
· New Enchancement to the Skinning code, allowing you to specify a negative group value to make sections of the skin only activate if the specified skin group is disabled.

· The "fnPLItemUp" and "fnPLItemDown" functions which allow you to move items up and down within the Play List have now been assigned keyboard macros of "Alt+PgUp" and "Alt+PgDn". These functions have also been extended to update the Play List Navigator, so that you can now re-order items within the Play List using a remote.

· The Play List Navigator has been enhanced to accept the Navigational Insert key to toggle selection of the currently highlighted play list entry. This ties into the above functions to allow you to re-order multiple items at once. The color used for file selection is selectable under "Advanced Options / OSD / Navigators".

· New Button on the Station Editor allowing you to play a new station by appending the station to the play list instead of clearing the play list.

· New Communication API Message 1210.

· The skin selection dialog has been changed so that single clicking on a selected skin will apply that skin while double clicking will apply the skin and close the dialog.

· The Main GUI on the default skin has changed. Some buttons graphics have been changed to be more windows-centric. The Eject and Options buttons have been dropped (still accessible through the keyboard and the right-click context menu).

· The Equalizer and Switch to Audio Mode buttons have been moved in place of the Options and Eject buttons.

· The Minimalistic mode button has been removed (still accessible in several modes through the keyboard F4-F7 keys).

· The Play List Editor GUI on the default skin has changed.
· By default, most of the buttons are no longer visible (their functionality is accessible through the right-click context menu). However, by pressing the "+" button, you can have the Extra Controls appear.

· The Brownish skin is no longer part of the official distribution, but would still be available through the Zoom Player Skin site.

· Comm API messages 1603, 1703 wouldn't work if DVD Preferred
· Audio/Subtitle selection was enabled in the options dialog.

· The /AR command line did not accept "0" (disabled AR) as a valid parameter.

· DefaultSetting.exe will now delete "zplayer.local" as well.

· Some language files may have gotten only partially loaded under some conditions.

· Unicode text may not have been displayed properly in some of the dialog bevel elements.

· Timeline text may have not been properly centered if unicode characters were part of the text.

· The "click here to search" text entry on the play list editor may not have gotten its translated text to appear properly.

· Girder Export Commands got broken again.

· Trying to load an 0 byte play list or playing a non-existant play list off the internet could cause a crash.
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