3D Swimming Penguins 1.0

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3D البطاريق السباحة هي جميلة والاسترخاء شاشة التوقف التي تعرض على الشاشة الأبعاد (3) والسباحة penguins.3D البطاريق في القطب الجنوبي للسباحة في البحر. وتتضمن الرسوم المتحركة 3D غرار MP3 والصور والموسيقى والأصوات الحقيقية البطريق. وقد سجلت العديد من النسخة الأكبر حجما وأكثر البطريق المتحركة. gif المتحركة يحتوي على الصور والصوت file.Limitations : 7 أيام

  • مرات التنزيل: 4895
  • متطلبات التشغيل: 2.1 and up
  • الحجم: 1.2M
  • الترخيص:
  • الاصدار : 4.9.0
  • اضيف في: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  • اخر تحديث: 12/05/2013
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Notes & Tasks is a simple yet smart-featured notepad, tasks and check-list app with tablet and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support. The intuitive swipe feature provides a quick and slick way to navigate between your items.
Synchronize your items between your tablet, phone and PC with your Exchange server or current calendar provider (Google Calendar etc.).

âœ?âœ?âœ?âœ?âœ? “Best note app with sync - I've long been looking for a note app that synced with Exchange, and this does just that. Just perfect!â€‌ - Customer feedback
âœ?âœ?âœ?âœ?âœ? “Great for text notes - More responsive than Evernote. Perfect for simple text notes, and sync to Google calendar without needing another account to manage.â€‌ - Customer feedback
âœ?âœ?âœ?âœ?âœ? “Fantastic - Great job.â€‌ - Customer feedback
â–  Free and no ads
â–  Synchronization (multiple devices and PC) with auto update and indication
â–  Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support (Notes and Tasks), AutoDiscover, Office 365, multiple folders
â–  Share items with friends via Email and SMS
â–  Notes, Tasks and Check-Lists
â–  Quick add new item
â–  Voice speech to text support
â–  Tablet and swipe support
â–  Multiple accounts integrated with Android, folders, management, combined view and colors
â–  Tags/Categories with colors and management
â–  backup / Restore XML functionality
â–  Themes
â–  Refresh now
â–  search and sort
â–  Choose accounts to be displayed
â–  Launcher shortcuts
â–  External text editor (text/plain filter
â–  Holo interface compatible with GingerBread, IceCreamSandwich and JellyBean
â–  Feedback
Notes & Tasks
â–  Style your notes with bold, italic and underline
â–  BBCode compatible (used for styling so users can easily continue working on their PCs)
â–  Links displayed and clickable (might cause FC on some ROMs, turn off the option in such case)
â–  Pinch to zoom
â–  Displays account name and color
â–  Last modification time
â–  Smooth and fast scrolling for large notes
â–  Font customization (wrap, font size and font name)
â–  Tasks properties and groups (group by due and category)
â–  Quick Actions (Title, Priority, Due, Completed)
â–  Create shopping and to-do lists
â–  Can be edited on your PC
â–  Sort, reset and order items in your check-list
â–  Context menu for extended actions
â–  Check and uncheck items
â–  Special structured text note
â–  Two modes
â–  Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
â–  Integrates with your existing calendars as events (events in the far future)
Exchange ActiveSync
â–  Uses Exchange ActiveSync protocol 12.1 and 14.0
â–  Requires Exchange server 2010 for Notes (Tasks work with any version)
â–  Setup a new account in Settings - Accounts - Add account
â–  For Office 365 use m.outlook.com server
â–  In case of problems, turn on Debug option under Settings - Advanced for logs in ./sdcard/org.myklos.inote.log and Send Feedback (log will be attached automatically)
Please, contact us by email for further questions. We always reply.
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