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Simple Ad-Free mobile data setting widget & notification switcher.Compatible with almost all devices.Works with LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, all carriers worldwide & Android 2.3+ including Jelly Bean & ICS.Modifies the "data enabled" setting directly (no APN mods).Please try this download to make sure it works on your device before upgrading to the PRO version

â–£ Please uninstall the FREE version before upgrading to Data Toggle Pro â–£
With the FREE version, easily see the current status of the "data enabled setting" in your status bar. Select from several included icons or use any image from SDCARD (widget & notification only). Exclusive to the free version you can also change the notification text
Also available for purchase, check out Data Toggle Pro and all the great features it provides:
+ Plan monitor with estimated use, history, and billing
+ Monitor plans based on bytes or time
+ Auto disable at daily and monthly limits
+ Graphs and charts with daily, weekly, and monthly history
+ Alerts: plan percent used, MB, GB, time connected, or currency
+ Average and recommended usage
+ Edit monthly historical data
+ Interactive notification bar plan graph
+ Plan percent status bar icon option
+ Supplement existing plan monitor
+ Effortlessly extend battery life to 2 or more days*
+ Get 3+ days of battery life with minimal phone use*
(*with light phone use and depends on your device capabilities)
+ Smart battery/data saving modes
+ Force Internet updates if screen and radios are off
+ Toggle / unlock / quick menu bar buttons*(Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean only*)
+ Add favorite settings to quick access menu
+ Auto toggle mobile data with wifi screen, and boot
+ Auto toggle WiFi with screen
+ Turn off or disable mobile data if WiFi connected or at night
+ Set quick auto on/off timers and limits
+ Missed timer repeat
+ Daily mobile/WiFi on/off time (night mode)
+ Keep WiFi/mobile on if charging or headphones plugged in
+ Wait for screen unlock before WiFi/mobile auto-toggle
+ Override all app settings option based on time or until unlock
+ Configurable refresh interval
+ Low battery shut off
+ Manual toggle with notification or widget
+ Toggle log
+ Swipey tab interface
+ Date, battery percent remaining, or clear status bar icons
+ Several color options for numbered bar elements
+ hide notification if WiFi Connected or mobile off
+ Over 250 icon styles (and add text to widget)
+ Separate status bar and widget icon styles
+ Choose Month/Date, M-D, D/M, or D-M format + Select period or comma decimal marks
+ Inline menu help and free email support
+ Auto crash reporting and resolution via web
+ Support development of more great apps!
REFUNDS: We're happy to refund within 30 days for any reason.
SUPPORT/HELP: Instead of using the review and rating system, please email us or use the in app contact feature if you have any questions, problems, or concerns.
FULL NETWORK ACCESS: This is ONLY to collect bugs & crashes, auto upload them to Google's servers, & to ensure you have a license
WIDGET MISSING?: After the app is first installed, restart your phone, & a widget will appear in your add menu only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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