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قفل كلمة سرّ المحميّه نظام أمن للكمبيوتر ممتاز يمكن أن حماية خصوصيّتك و الحدّ من المدخل لكمبيوترك . إنّه مضمون و سهل جدًّا أن يستخدم . يمكن أن تضع قيود للمستخدمين بالبرنامج. حجم البرنامج 725 K مجاني لفتره تجريبيه مدتها 30 يوم و ممكن تحميله على الوندوز جميعها و صادر في 7فبراير2003 البرناج هنا اخي و اختي الكريمه في ملف مضغزظ و بامكتنك الحصول على نفس البرنامج في مكتبتنا بالتحميل العادي ان اردت

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Copy and Paste Utility Application.
Easily paste set phrases or words
Lite Features:
â?† Shake phone or tap Notification Bar launcher to open Snippet Selector.
â?† Save list of frequently saved Snippets. (Maximum of 5 in Lite version)
â?† Ability to turn off the Shake 'n Paste background Service and run the application directly from the app icon or Notification Bar.
â?† Export Snippet files.
â?† Control shake sensitivity.
â?† Ad free.

Pro Features
â?† Save an unlimited number of snippets.
â?† Export and Import Snippet files.

How to Shake 'n Paste:
Shake 'n Paste runs in the background waiting until you need it.
1. To paste a snippet of frequently used text, shake your phone to open the snippet selector.
2. Either add a new snippet to be copied to the clipboard for pasting or select one of your saved snippets.
3. Select a snippet to copy that snippet to the clipboard and it is then ready to paste into any text field.
Shake 'n Paste Pro will be installed as a *separate application* from Shake 'n Paste Lite. If upgrading from Shake 'n Paste Lite you should export your Shake 'n Paste Lite Snippets and then import them into Shake 'n Paste Pro. Afterwards, you can uninstall Shake 'n Paste Lite.
If you need help or have any suggestions or complaints, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]gmail com. Your feedback is very important to us and we can't reply to google Play comments.
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