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Click to read our editor's review for CoverSutraCoverSutra is a tool designed to find a variety of methods that let you control iTunes.
See what's currently playing or enjoy your album artwork. Do not let yourself be distracted from your work, CoverSutra is never in your way but always by your side.

We all love music. Wether we're browsing the Internet, editing some pictures in Photoshop or writing the next bestseller in Pages, music is always by our side.
But isn't it bothering to switch to iTunes just to select a different song or pause playback?

Global Shortcuts
Quickly control iTunes from anywhere. Play, pause, rate, show, skip, rewind, fast forward .. whatever! CoverSutra gives you total control over your music with customizable keyboard shortcuts.

But it's even better: CoverSutra displays feedback of your triggered action in a stylish information bezel. You'll never have to switch back to iTunes to see what you just have done.

Instant Player Controls
Playback position, album artwork, song details: See all important informations in a single floating window. Everything is fast and painless with just a single click.

Information Bezel
CoverSutra alerts you of any song change, so you always know what's playing. Bezels also works nicely with Shortcuts and your Apple Remote: You'll get Feedback for every single action.

Jewel Case
For those who like their artwork on the desktop.
At wish CoveSutra puts a little CD jewel case displaying the artwork of the currently playing song right on your desktop.

Apple Remote Support
Front Row is nice, but do you really want to switch to a cinematic like application while having a short break on your sofa? Just control playback with your Apple Remote, direct feedback by information bezels included.

CoverSutra integrates smoothly, so you always have the possibility to easily switch to Front Row if the break takes too longe.

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