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متصفّح كرة القدم مستعرض ويب ثيميد كرة قدم الذي يسلّم المدخل السّهل للاتحاد الوطني لكرة القدم و أخبار كرة قدم الرابطة الوطنية للرياضه لجامعية . تغطية, قناة فوكس للرياضة, سي بي إس سبورتسلاين, السي إن إن / سي, شبكة إن بي سي التلفزيونية, سبورتسيرفر و ياهو بسهولة باستغلال البطاقات و الرّوابط السّريعة . مواقع فريق الاتحاد الوطني لكرة القدم, مواقع مؤتمر 1A قسم الرابطة الوطنية للرياضه مواقع دوريّ كرة القدم المحترفين و منتديات الرياضه أيضًا خلال مستعرض ويب . يجد متصفّح كرة القدم روابط تخص الكره و الرياضه موضوعات مربوطة تلقائيًّا إلى الموقع الحاليّ الذي فيه تشاهد . يبرز موقع بحث متكاملاً شكليًّا يستغلّ المحرّكات الشّعبيّة ( جوجل, ياهو,, هوتبوت, كلّ الويب, إلخ ), و أيضًا يسمح لك أن تحفظ و ت يسي مواقع كرة القدم المفضّلهالخاصّه بك البرنامج مجاني و حجمه 1.68MBو ممكن تشغيله على الوندوز 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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Sliding Picture Puzzle for free game is an interesting game for your idle or relaxation time.
This puzzle game help your child develop critical thinking and mental reasoning skills thus expanding a very important part of their mind. Plus, even adults have fun playing with this app at the most advanced levels :) Approved by parents, teachers and kids the world ever. Sliding picture puzzle is an exciting interactive game that helps you learn how to recognize shapes and figures and complete puzzle all with just touch of your finger. Since the level of difficulty is fully adjustable and above will still enjoy playing with these puzzles.
It's totally free and support for tablet and all kind of android device.
- There are 4 modes from easy to very hard (expert) and 3 kinds of different levels such as beginner levels, for relaxing levels and challenge levels.
- 4800 scenes have been played and evaluated from you social network.
- The evaluation was carefully calculated by many player and this is the most standout point in the game.
- Make your own puzzle game by taking photo from your gallery, SD Card or from the camera of your device to form expressive style for you.
- Application also support sound, you can turn on or off the sound whenever you want on options menu or play screen.
- Besides, there are other functions while playing game such as reset, change mode, levels and difficulty.
- You can share to social network such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, ... whenever your device support these to invite your friend to play with.
How to play:
- In this Sliding Picture Puzzle game, you must swap and arrange the square titles to complete the scene. There are 4 modes from easy to very hard (expert) and 3 kinds of different levels such as beginner levels, for relaxing levels and challenge levels. The scenes can be taken from camera, SD card or photo gallery. The picture will certainly be familiar to you!
If you are looking for an app to develop critical thinking and matching skills, then this Puzzle will become one of your most treasured app. If you like puzzle, brain game and ability games, you will like our Sliding Picture puzzle game, a game for brain training and improve your skills at the same time you are having fun.
A game enjoyable for kids and adults.
Please contact if you want to share something with us. (Email address: [email protected]).
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Wish you a nice relax time.
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