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, who owns the file, or due date). These fields can be displayed in the source file list window and the file properties dialog, and can also be used with file filters. For example, with custom metadata, you can easily filter on all files assigned to you for review across all repositories.Custom metadata changes are logged in a file's history. Surround SCM supports seven custom metadata field types, including text, integer, float, list, user list, date/time, and check boxes.

· Powerful in-application programmable triggers help you extend Surround SCM's functionality to better fit your company's change management process. Surround SCM triggers are defined by events, such as a file is being checked in, pre-conditions, such as the file being in a specific state, and actions, such as sending an email.For example, you can create a post-event trigger to assign files for code review after they are checked in.Triggers can be used to automate state transitions in the workflow, enforce workflow rules, send email notifications, run external applications, modify custom fields, perform data validation, log information, and more. Use triggers to automate manual source file management tasks such as copying files to a Web server after they reach a certain branch level. Surround SCM includes complete control over the conditions under which a trigger fires.

Email Notifications:
· Facilitated by Surround SCM's triggers, customizable email notifications help you push change through your enterprise. Triggered by file actions, such as promote, rebase, or delete, email notifications keep everyone involved with the project informed of changes.For example, you can configure Surround SCM to send an email to a list of users when a specific design document is revised and checked in.Everyone is kept up-to-date without needing to monitor the repository. Hyperlinks in emails provide one-click access to the file that triggered the notification.

Hyperlink Access to Files and Branches:
· Hyperlink support provides one-click access to files and branches from URLs. Surround SCM hyperlinks can be included in emails and on Web pages, helping team members easily access repositories or files.

IDE Integration:
· IDE integration allows developers to check code in and out of the software repository from their preferred development environment.Surround SCM integrates with a variety of IDEs and build tools, including Ant, CodeWarrior, CodeWright, CruiseControl, Delphi , Eclipse, IntelliJIDEA, JBuilder, NAnt, Parabuild, PowerBuilder, Visual Studio, and WebSphere.

Integration with Seapine ALM Tools:
· Surround SCM seamlessly integrates with Seapine's application lifecycle management (ALM) tools. Integrate with TestTrack Pro, Seapine's issue management tool, to provide a complete change management solution. Your team can access bugs, feature requests, change requests, and source code files and digital assets from within either tool.Integration with QA Wizard Pro, Seapine's automated testing tool, and TestTrack TCM, Seapine's test case management tool, allows you to you store and version automated test scripts and test data in the same location as your code and design documents.

Comprehensive Reports:
· Surround SCM includes a large amount of information about the items added to a database and the users who perform actions. Reports provide an easy way to access, analyze, and share this information. Surround SCM includes history, trend, file, branch, and custom reports.In addition to creating dynamic filters and customized reports, you can can save them for future use and share them with team members. Filters and reports recognize workflow states and custom metadata, providing the flexibility needed to quickly and accurately find and report on the state of a project.

Guiffy Diff/Merge Utility:
· Surround SCM includes Guiffy, the leading cross-platform compare/merge utility. Guiffy supports more than 150 file formats and can compare/merge virtually any type of source file. Guiffy also provides sophisticated folder and file tree compare and synchronization capabilities.

Image File Support:
· Surround SCM features thumbnail image previewing capabilities that allow users to view the contents of image files directly from within the Surround SCM. An image file diff utility lets users view two versions of a graphic file simultaneously to quickly identify changes.

Regulatory Compliance Support:
· Surround SCM can help you manage business processes for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, 21 CFR Title 11, and other regulations. Surround SCM maintains complete and accurate historical records of who changed what and when, and helps teams track and manage the documents that support a process.

Migration Assistance:
· Surround SCM includes utilities and documentation to help you completely migrate your digital assets, branches, and change histories from other SCM solutions, including PVCS, VSS, StarTeam, and CVS.

· Surround SCM 4.0.1 server
· Intel- or PowerPC-based Macintosh
· 60 MB hard disk space
· 256 MB RAM

· 30 days trial What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Use the Ctrl + up arrow and Ctrl + down arrow keyboard shortcuts to move between annotation blocks. (GUI)

Bug Fixes:
· The dimensions of resized Promote Preview and Rebase Preview dialog boxes were not saved. (GUI)
· Performing an advanced find by defect number only returned results if the last event performed matched the search criteria.
· Selecting the 'List recursively' option in the Source Tree view did not always display all files. (GUI)
· Double-clicking a list custom field option on the Trigger When tab in the Add Trigger and Edit Trigger dialog boxes did not open the Trigger When dialog box for editing on Mac OS X. (GUI)
· Triggers could fire for the wrong branch if the branch name started with a substring of the branch name the trigger was intended to fire on.
· Viewing defects from the History dialog box could fail if the Edit TestTrack Integration server security command was not enabled for the user's security group. (GUI)
· The Surround SCM Client returned a 'File Exists' error if a file was locked by Guiffy.
· Toolbars could be undocked and made floatable. (GUI)
· The Changelist field was cropped on some dialog boxes. (GUI)
· Selecting a promote or rebase event on the Annotate dialog box to open a secondary dialog box failed if the file or repository was renamed. (GUI)
· Pre-event triggers with set/append comment actions did not fire when checking in files as part of a changelist.
· Workflow states were not displayed on the Add Files dialog box in QA Wizard Pro.
· An existing working directory path could not be deleted in the Set Working Directory dialog box. (GUI)
· Changelist information was stored even if the 'Retain historical changelist information' server option was not selected.
· Changelist options were available on some dialog boxes even if the 'Users cannot use changelists' server option was selected. (GUI)
· Clicking View Changelist in the file History dialog box opened an empty Changelist dialog box if the 'Retain changelist history' server option was not selected. (GUI)
· Checking in a labeled file added a label to a non-existent version if the check in did not update the file version.
· The Surround SCM Client crashed when printing the server log with more than 2500 rows. (GUI)
· The 'Label promoted files in destination' option was disabled in the Promote Preview dialog box if a file was not selected or if the selected file needed to be merged. (GUI)
· Advanced options for Surround SCM file actions were not displayed in Visual Studio.
· Shares were not deleted correctly when recursively removing a repository.
· Custom fields were not set and an 'Error setting files info: Unknown user' error was returned if the user performing the action was modified or deleted.
· Default filters and triggers did not work after database conversions.
· Committing changelists failed and an 'Invalid workflow state specified' error was returned if the Surround SCM Server was restarted before the changelist was committed.
· Editing trigger or email notification pre-conditions reset the trigger or notification name.
· Mainline branch upgrades could fail and return an 'Unable to remap file ID for file' error. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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