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Bookends is a full featured and cost-effective bibliography/referenceand information management system for professionals and students.With Bookends you can easily import references from EndNote or hundreds of online sources accessible from your browser.Import directly from PubMed. Amazon, and the Library of Congress from our free Reference Miner application by drag and drop. You can bookmark favorite web sites(such as PubMed, Ingenta (Uncover/Reveal), etc.) and instantly accessthem via your browser.Attach any file (such as a pdf) to a reference and view or open itinstantly from within Bookends.Scan your word processor files and automatically generate finishedmanuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies. Access the powerof Bookends directly from MS Word, Mellel, and Nisus Writer. Limitations:

· The unregistered version is limited to 50 references per database. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Autofill references from Internet:
· Automatically import or update reference metadata in articles and books. If the first selected reference in the List View (or the one in the reference window) has a PubMed ID (pmid), Digital Object Identifier (doi), or ISBN, the menu Refs -> Autofill From Internet is enabled.
· When invoked, Bookends will use the pmid, doi, or isbn to find the reference metadata (author, title, etc.) and fill in the corresponding fields in the reference. Bookends will try to find the reference on PubMed first (even if you only have the doi), and if the reference is not there will try Google Scholar.
· If the reference has an ISBN and no pmid or doi, Bookends will use it to find the book on This option also useful for updating references, especially those in PubMed, whose metadata can change after the initial electronic publication. The menu PubMed -> Update From PubMed has been removed (the function is included in Autofill From Internet). The menu Refs -> Lookup From DOI has been renamed Refs -> Lookup Article From DOI.

Import a reference from the Internet by drag and drop of a doi:
· If you drag and drop the doi of an article on a database window, Bookends will create a new reference and search PubMed and Google Scholar to find it and import the metadata. The doi *must* begin with the characters "10." (without the quote marks), and only the doi must be present in the drag.

File -> Export Attachments:
· This menu will be enabled when the first selected reference in the List Window (or the reference in the reference window that is in front) has attachments.
· Bookends will create of a copy of each attachment (in the case of the List View window, for each selected reference that has attachments) in the selected destination folder.
· The original attachments will remain where they were. An attachment will not be copied to the destination folder if the folder already contains a file with the same name.

Export references and their attachments:
· When you use File -> Export References (Hits), a checkbox gives you the option to export any attachments they contain as well.
· Export rules are the same as for Refs -> Export Attachments.

Attached text files can be edited:
· If an attached text file is displayed in the List View window lower pane or the reference window Attachment tab, you can edit it.
· When leaving the field (e.g. by tabbing) you be asked if you want to save the changes.
· Note that if the text file is open in another application it may not be possible to save the changes.

Reorder attachments:
· Multiple attachments are normally listed in the order in which they were added.
· You can change that order by rearranging (via drag and drop) the names in the Attachment Inspector list.

Color labels can be applied the text or the background:
· The colors in the color label designations can be used to color the text or to color the background of the references in the List View.
· This choice can be set in Preferences.
· The default for existing users is color text, and for new users is color background.

· The date or date and time format used by the import filters matches that of Refs -> Insert Date

· Attach and display password-protected pdfs

New link type: Original:Translation:
· This will appear only when for new installations of Bookends. For existing Bookends users, you can enter this relationship in Preferences (Links tab).

· Increased minumum database cache to 10 MB

· Added a warning when the user tells Bookends to use a format to create temporary citations (Preferences)

· The setting of the "Trash after import" checkbox in the import dialog window is remembered between launches

· If you attach a .zip file, Bookends will not unzip it when you choose "Open Attachment"

Improved citation disambiguation for the MLA format:
· When scanning with a format such as MLA that disambiguates citations by short title, the short title will appear without surrounding quote marks and in italic, if you have set it to italic in the reference. If there is no short title, the full title will be output in quotes.

Bug fixes:
· Fixed a rare instance in which scanning a Pages document that has Section Breaks and has been edited and then imported from Microsoft Word on Windows would result in an unreadable formatted document.
· Fixed bugs that prevented Bookends from coming to the front when a dialog scan was initiated in Word or Mellel and that could cause problems when Ibid. was used in some formats.
· Periods terminating abstracts are no longer removed when importing MARC records.
· FIxed a bug where the progress dialog would not close after rebuilding an empty database.
· Fixed a few problems with some formats would cause the addition of disambiguating information to citations to fail or be incorrect.
· Fixed a problem with scanning a Pages document where control symbols (%, -, etc.) immediately after the opening citation delimiter weren't recognized. Bookends will attach a pdf to an empty reference and perform an autocomplete paper correctly even if a group is selected or there is text in the live search box.
· Using a dash (-) in front of a temporary citation to exclude authors in a citation group works on a citation-by-citation basis (just like % does to show date-only). You can no longer delete the group "Attachments". Fixed a bug in scanned Pages documents where the tabs in lines with multiple tabs could be out of order. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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