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DayLite goes beyond contacts and appointments to include projects and introduce a powerful concept called opportunities. Opportunities offer a simple way to track details that help you "Close the deal" on new business.Projects provide you with the perfect way to stay focused on the big picture while maintaining control over small details. Appointments, tasks and contacts can be linked to both projects and opportunities giving you rich historical detail. DayLite is a tool that will help you stay focused on what counts growing your business, adding clients and delivering on projects!Daylite works at the center of your business, helping you stay on track and deliver on time. From shared calendars to simple projects, to contact management to email integration, Daylite keeps you organized and frees your mind of clutter. Get Daylite, worry less and spend time doing what you do best.
key features of "DayLite":

· Define and create unlimited Forms with unlimited fields.
· Attach unlimited file and web references.
· Automatically record outgoing e-mail and merged letters.
· 16 Extra Fields for custom data in your List Views (12 text fields an 4 date fields.
· Quick Filters on top of each List View.
· Multi-field Filtering.
· Favorite Filters.
· Global Find.
· Summary Views.
· Generate HTML, RTF, PDF and plain text reports. Customize reports using simple scripts.
· Analyze lists with Chartsmith to create great charts.
· DetailView with 'Recent' 20 objects.
· Bulk editing.
· Display, hide, resize, reorganize most columns in each list view.
· Use Keywords and Categories to classify Objects.
· Use Priority to mark importance.

· A 400 MHz G3 processor / Intel
· 256 MB of RAM
· 100 MB hard disk space
· 1024x768 minimum display resolution
· CD-ROM required for installation of store-bought software
· Internet connection for installation of download software
· A high-speed network connection for sharing databases via LAN or WAN.

· The trial is good for 30 days and 25 simultaneous users. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Enhancements and new features:
· Works with new server (Daylite Server Admin) based on the proven and scalable Postgres 8.3.x.
· Daylite Server is a separate download and only required if you want to share databases, use offline databases, and/or to use Daylite Touch. For more information about getting started and using Daylite Server, read this document.
· Shared databases are now administered using Daylite Server Admin.
· Personal databases (excluding offline databases) are managed from Daylite > Preferences > Database.
· Now uses Bonjour to auto discover databases on the local network.
· Totally revamped offline synchronization with significant speed increases and more robust data handling.
· Backup system has changed and includes scheduled backups for personal databases as well.
· Includes a new migration tool for migrating databases from Daylite 1.x through Daylite 3.8. For shared databases, use Daylite Server Admin to migrate. Read this document for more information.
· Works with DMI 2.2 (updated) and Billings 3.0.4 (updated).
· Requires updated connectors.
· Improvements to delimited data importer.
· Added the ability to unique on source import ID while importing projects.
· Added the ability to link a note to a project using source import ID while importing notes.
· Added the ability to link a note to an opportunity using source import ID while importing notes.
· Added the ability to specify a role when linking a contact using source import ID while importing projects.
· Added the ability to specify a role when linking an organization using source import ID while importing projects.
· Automatically removing tasks from the inbox if due date or category are set.
· New setting in the Default Values preference pane for tasks—Show Overdue Tasks in Today, same as the setting in Daylite Touch.
· Added new task system lists to mimic what is on Daylite Touch.
· Moved the task Inbox system list to the top of the list to be consistent with Daylite Touch.
· Improved calendar start/end time validation in General preferences to avoid selecting an end time that is before the start time.
· Changed DayLite Admin username to "Daylite Admin" (lower case L).
· Added the ability to customize the task source list by toggling default source lists on or off.
· Task reminders will be absolute when no task due date is set.

Fixes and improvements:
· Fixed issue causing vCard imports to sometimes fail.
· Improvements to reduce the occurrence of sync failures.
· Fixed task edit window fields remaining enabled when the record is locked.
· Fixed the problem where deleting a label and replacing it with another would not properly set the new label.
· Forms now properly update when changes are made by other users.
· Fixed problem with appointment reminders not getting recalculated properly when the start time is changed.
· Fixed problem where a task's reminders were all getting processed when any one of them was fired.
· Fixed issue where some reminders fired in the past were getting re-processed and displayed again.
· Fixed a crash when attempting to snooze a reminder.
· Fixed issue when setting permissions in Visibility Preset preference pane.
· Fixed issue with overwriting default visibility setting in Default Values preferences—users setting their preference to NONE could cause new objects to become inaccessible.
· Fixed task reminders created from activity sets not showing as absolute in the interface. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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