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Everything is digital today. But where to store all these e-mails, PDFs, Word documents, images and multimedia files you accumulate every day? How to organize them, and find the right one when you need it?DEVONthink Personal Edition is a tool designed for the digital age, the one database for all your documents. And it's flexible. It adapts to your personal needs. Use it as your document repository, your filing cabinet, your e-mail archive or your project organizer. Collect and organize data from the web for a publication, enrich it with sound and movie files, and export everything as a web site, drag it to an Apple Pages document for publishing in print, or copy it to your iPod.The Database for the Internet Age: DEVONthink keeps your important data in one database, regardless of where the data is physically located. Integrate both local documents and live content from the Internet to keep all project-related information together. Seamlessly mix local documents, clippings and live web pages.Your Digital Workplace: DEVONthink is not only a simple database, it's a flexible work environment with powerful management features. It provides you with all the tools you need for effectively working with your documents. Use the integrated RTF editor to write new documents, or open them in a third party application.Intelligent Assistant: DEVONthink is based on a powerful AI architecture that helps you organize and navigate your information collection. It assists you with filing documents and with finding similar items. Master even huge data collections with a few simple clicks.
key features of "DEVONthink Personal":

Built-in Artificial Intelligence:
· Classify: Automatically files documents into the most appropriate group
· See also: Shows similar documents
· See selected text: Finds documents similar to a selected test passage
· Topics: Automatically extracts the most important words of a text
· Fuzzy search: Finds similarly spelled words
· Powerful search function: Finds related words, as well as helps broaden or narrow any search
· Intelligent summarize: Creates digests of texts based on the contents of the database
· Concordance: Dig into your knowledge with this powerful analysis tool
· Group documents automatically by content

Integrated Environment:
· Multiple views with an integrated view/edit pane, are available to fit your specific needs and tastes
· Document-oriented web browser with download manager and site sucker
· Powerful cross-links and automatic Wiki links for connecting documents

· DEVONthink never takes data hostage thanks to its flexible import/export architecture
· Spotlight support embeds DEVONthink into your Mac ecosystem
· Index and sync items when integrating external materials

Powerful Workflow Tools:
· Full AppleScript support
· Automator actions
· Folder actions
· Scripts attachable to all items
· Lots of useful example scripts and workflows

· 150 hours of non-continuous runtime for evaluation. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· From this release on all editions of DEVONthink require Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This beta expires May 31, 2009.
· New: Dock icon badge shows number of new items after using services, bookmarklets, most scripts, after opening a new feed (Pro and up), or after adding stuff from DEVONagent. Badge is removed after (de)activating the application.
· New: Default smart group 'Duplicates' listing all duplicate items in the database.
· New: More smart group predicates.
· New: Results of toolbar search and search windows can be renamed.
· New: Open Link command of contextual menus of text views is also available for automatic Wiki links.
· Improved: Revised Import and Backup preferences tabs.
· Improved: Default setting for Preferences, General tab, Startup is now Open windows that were open on quit. This setting is also applied to most windows and panels.
· Improved: Smart group editor.
· Improved: Ranking of search results.
· Improved: Recognition of duplicates.
· Improved: All unread items (and not only those of feeds) use the same unread icon in lists.
· Improved: Searching in selection is faster and supports selected smart groups, too.
· Improved: Services are able to retrieve the URL from iCab and Opera, too, or try to store the path of the original document of unknown applications as a file URL if possible.
· Improved: Toggling widescreen mode restores the width and order of the previously used columns.
· Improved: Unified focus handling.
· Improved: Display of creation, modification, and addition dates.
· Improved: File > Export > as Files & Folders automatically uses unique filenames if necessary.
· Improved: Revised indexing of numbers separated by '.' or ','.
· Improved: Naming of files, e.g. of email messages with a subject like '...'
· Improved: More reliable handling of bookmarks if URL is invalid or not RFC 1808 compliant.
· Improved: Handling of multiple strings for one predicate in searches.
· Improved: Automatic Wiki linking doesn't use items in the trash anymore.
· Improved: More accurate calculation of file size (includes both data and resource fork).
· Improved: Stability when importing Word and OpenOffice documents.
· Improved: Handling of defective databases.
· Improved: Sparkle framework updated to version 1.5b6.
· Improved: Many minor interface and workflow improvements.
· Improved: Several minor performance improvements.
· Fixed: Info toolbar item did not toggle visibility of Info panel.
· Fixed: Pressing Command-Shift-Backspace to empty the trash moved the selected items to the trash if the trash was empty.
· Fixed: Issues with certain complex proximity terms and phrases.
· Fixed: Bug causing text clippings become unsuable when being renamed.
· Fixed: Meta Data predicate of smart groups did not work.
· Fixed: Memory leak while converting old databases.
· Fixed: Various minor bugs and interface glitches.
· Removed: Obsolete preferences options.
· Removed: Inherited labels (again).
· New: Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet. Shows an overlay that lets the user save a selection or the whole page in various formats to ${software}.
· New: Bookmarklets for adding a page as HTML or (paginated) PDF documents to ${software}.
· New: Support for revised bookmark format of Safari 4.0.
· New: Set as Thumbnail contextual menu added to QuickTime views.
· Improved: Bookmarklets updated.
· Improved: Saving of searches.
· Improved: Multiple words can be selected in the similar words drawer or search windows and are combined using OR (spelling) or AND (context).
· Improved: More reliable conversion of PDF documents to text, e.g. when importing or indexing.
· Improved: Drawing of QuickLook thumbnails.
· Improved: SkimNotes framework updated to version 1.1.6.
· Removed: Useless values from smart group editor.
· Known issue: Conversion of version 1.x databases retains PICT images but they cannot be displayed anymore as they are no longer supported by the ImageKit framework Mac OS X 10.5. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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