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Teamwork is a web based software solution for managing work and communication through projects in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment, from which you can coordinate and manage hundreds of open projects at once. Teamwork is easy to use for an extended team that may contribute; it is also capable of handling quite complex projects.
key features of "Teamwork":

· Project Management
· Worklog
· Issues
· Groupware
· Documents
· IT Integration
· Smart features
· Scrum

· Java Runtime 5

· 30 days trial period. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

This release main improvements:

Work log management:
· Work log can now be classified, verified, approved, billed, and moved: see the new section 8.5 of the user guide.

Subscription engine:
· Default subscriptions on roles: now on each roles for assignments one can set some default subscriptions.
· Digest: a new “channelâ€‌ on which on gets the main events for the project in which you are involved: see the news in section 4.4.

Subversion integration:
· Integration now supports also http and https, in addition to the SVN: protocol.
· We have found a bug in saving custom filters: you may have to recreate your filters after update.

Many new small features::

File storages:
· now the explorer permissions are inherited from the task; see the new section 10.5 of the user guide.
· role editor: made filestorage explorer r/w/c permission also local, so can be set at project level.
· added floating bars for actions

· new subscribable event: budget overflow

· among the bulk actions, “escalate gravityâ€‌
· in the list, any line allows to add worklog, not just the closed ones
· issue list by default are filtered by open tasks
· issue list shows notes

Work logging:
· worklog list dates are editable
· now when there is out of scope worklog the corresponding task is always shown
· can temporarily add a task to the list in worklog list and register non planned worklog
· hourly costs for resource includes decimals
· worklog week is faster
· worklog print improved

Business processes:
· when a process is created, assignees are subscribed to it
· process driven tasks can be moved
· task created by process get subscribed

· you can now reset the dashboards to their default structure
· a sample direct SQL access portlet is now distributed

Agenda week:
· week numbers are displayed

· classifications are copied in task cloning
· in the filters, the task “typeâ€‌ filter field, it supports writing by hand, partial matches, but not the full QBE
· project tree is nicer and has a more intuitive “create childâ€‌ process

· improved layout in Chrome/Safari
· the label tool allows filtering for missing label per language
· filters say by task now accepts week intervals
· closing notes after one has been closed, several can be closed with one click
· designer supports currency
· dates support Current Week CW shortcuts and similar
· events generated by myself are by default now hidden to myself

· a new sample portlet with direct connection to the database
· Horrible bugs
· saving a task tree deletes task types and notes
· JDK 6 compatibility fixed

Minor bugs:
· issue multi editor: find -> copy -> press refresh page size button -> boom
· custom filters are now saved correctly
· file storages pointing to files fail
· found horrible bug in Firefox… when downloading file with, name, PARAMETERS) with PARAMETERS it stops downloading
· agenda weekly events matching mistake
· add company bug fixed
· fixed encoding on worklog insertion, week and day
· some task statuses in tree did not appear
· iCal private events appeared as public
· new favicon is visible
· type of the company is not shown
· fixed encoding on agenda week
· search by phone number bug only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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Teamwork 4.1 Build 8735

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