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MoneyWell gives you powerful, personal finance organization and analysis tools in a simple, single-screen solution. Without running complex reports or having to trudge through six levels of pie charts, you'll know immediately if your spending is on track.
key features of "MoneyWell":· An Electronic Twist on "Envelope Budgeting"Splitting up your paycheck into envelopes for each category of your budget is a tried and true method for stopping overspending. Unfortunately, with direct deposit and debit cards that work like cash, it's nearly impossible to do today. MoneyWell supercharges that concept and gives you back control over your spending with spending buckets.· Find What You're Looking ForWant to see all your dining out transactions from last month? There's no need to run a report or find one transaction at a time. Just click the Dining bucket, click last month's graph bar and you're done. One or two clicks completes almost any lookup. What if you knew the entry had the word "apple" in it? · Go with the FlowRemember the joke with the punchline: "How can I be overdrawn? I still have checks left!" It's not so funny when it happens to you. That's why MoneyWell tells you more than just your account balance: it tells you what you can spend for each activity. All you have to do is type "apple" in Search Transactions and you will instantly see the results before you finish typing.It's easy to set up too: Click Spending Plan to set a planned amount for each bucket and click Allocate Income to flow your income into the buckets. When you have spent all the money in a bucket, it shows up as tipped over and empty.· Control Credit Card DebtCredit cards are dangerous because they fly under the budget radar. MoneyWell is an equal opportunity spending manager. It sees money coming out of your Clothing bucket even if it comes from your credit card instead of your checking account.· Change Your Mind, Change Your BucketMoneyWell makes changing transaction details as easy as changing your mind. Did you want to break out your casual eating and more formal dining? Just create two buckets called "Fast Food" and "Formal Dining." Change your mind and rename "Fast Food" to "Casual Dining" and all the related transactions are changed as well.Want to merge the two into a single "Dining" bucket? Just rename one of them to "Dining" and drag the transactions from the other into it. There's no complex search and replace operations in MoneyWell.Decide that all of this was a mistake, just Undo it all with a mouse click or two.· Loaded with QIFsDo you currently track your finances with Quicken or some other program? MoneyWell allows you to import all your existing data using a QIF file. A quick export and import and you're ready to get a better grasp on your spending. Limitations:

· Limited to 200 transactions. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Changed pending flag to also turn off if date sent to current or past.
· Improved QIF import to handle poorly formatted lines with whitespace.
· Fixed problem displaying memorized transactions list.
· Fixed data entry loss on Transaction Detail when account changed.
· Fixed initial connection panel to appear properly under Tiger.
· Fixed locked bucket entry on Memorized Transaction Detail under Tiger.
· Fixed double-click on account to active edit mode on Account Detail. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here
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