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Ehcache is a widely used java distributed cache for general purpose caching, Java EE and light-weight containers.Ehcache features memory and disk stores, replicate by copy and invalidate, listeners, cache loaders, cache extensions, cache exception handlers, a gzip caching servlet filter and much more...Ehcache is available under an Apache open source license and is actively maintained, developed, and supported.NOTE: ehcache is released under the Apache License V2.0.
key features of "ehcache":

· Fast and Light Weight
· Fast
· Simple
· Small foot print
· Minimal dependencies
· Scalable
· Provides Memory and Disk stores for scalabilty into gigabytes
· Scalable to hundreds of caches
· Tuned for high concurrent load on large multi-cpu servers
· Multiple CacheManagers per virtual machine
· Complete
· Supports Object or Serializable caching
· Support cache-wide or Element-based expiry policies
· Provides LRU, LFU and FIFO cache eviction policies
· Provides Memory and Disk stores
· Distributed Caching
· Full implementation of JSR107 JCACHE API
· Standards Based
· Full implementation of JSR107 JCACHE API
· Extensible
· Listeners may be plugged in
· Peer Discovery, Replicators and Listeners may be plugged in
· Cache Extensions may be plugged in
· Cache Loaders may be plugged in
· Cache Exception Handlers may be plugged in
· Application Persistence
· Persistent disk store which stores data between VM restarts
· Flush to disk on demand
· Supports Listeners
· CacheManager listeners
· Cache event listeners
· JMX Enabled
· Distributed
· Peer Discovery
· Reliable Delivery
· Synchronous Or Asynchronous Replication
· Copy Or Invalidate Replication
· Transparent Replication
· Extensible
· Bootstrapping from Peers
· Java EE and Applied Caching
· Blocking Cache to avoid duplicate processing for concurrent operations
· SelfPopulating Cache for pull through caching of expensive operations
· Java EE Gzipping Servlet Filter
· Cacheable Commands
· Works with Hibernate
· High Quality
· High Test Coverage
· Automated Load, Limit and Performance System Tests
· Production tested
· Fully documented
· Trusted by Popular Frameworks
· Conservative Commit policy
· Full public information on the history of every bug
· Responsiveness to serious bugs
· Open Source Licensing
· Apache 2.0 license

· Java 1.5 or later
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Remove many uses of synchronize and replace with new concurrency techniques available in Java 5.
· A concurrent test with 70 threads doing a realistic mix of operations gets are 92.5 times faster, puts are 30 times faster, removes are 48 times faster, removeAlls are 80 times faster, and keySet is 30 times faster.
· Add replicatePutsViaCopy to the RMI replicator. This determines whether the new elements are copied to other caches (true), or whether a remove message is sent. Defaults to true.
· A replicateUpdatesViaCopy property was already there.
· With these two properties, fine-grained control is available to ensure distributed cache coherency is maintained.
· Don't automatically delete the DiskStore index on startup.
· Fix documentation: missing parentheses from samples.html.
· The isSerializable() method on Element was too narrowly defined. Adjusted to allow Elements with null values to be Serialized. This change affects DiskStore and replication.
· Null objects of any class will serialize. Also recorded as 2153609.
· Made the synchronous RMI replicator log exceptions as SEVERE rather than throwing them, to make this consistent with the asynchronous replicator. The change means that you cannot detect that replication has not occured to a given peer. Given that we are not transactional, this probably does not matter.
· Notifications happening on removeQuiet when they should not.
· Extra logging around RMICachePeer. Add the cacheName to the FINE log output.
· Added support for UTF8 file encoding of ehcache.xml. This makes it possible to specify cache names in non Western languages.
· Updated provided scope dependency of Hibernate to 3.2.6GA to pick up a signature change in CacheException to Throwable. only provide legal software, please help us keeping pur site legal, if you think this page is violating copyrights please let us know by clicking here Here

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