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The product is specifically designed for project managers that need to handle the company's projects and resources in a centralized way. Besides all Single Project features, Multi Project version offers many more additional ones when projects are interrelated by task dependencies or common resources, or if you just want to see all projects' information in one place.
key features of "RationalPlan Multi Project":

· Associate general project information (name, notes, links, assumptions, constraints, risks)
· Create, edit and delete calendars
· Build work breakdown structure
· Create intra/interproject dependencies between tasks, set lead/lag time
· Manage task properties such as constraints, fixed cost
· Define your company's projects as a tree structure (allows "nested projects")
· Analyze all your projects' data with Project Portfolio view
· Define company-wide resources - human/equipment and material - shared between projects
· Define specific working time for each human resource
· Assign resources to tasks
· View timephased information about resources' work and cost
· View overallocated resources and resources that work overtime
· View current project's critical tasks depending on a customizable slack
· Mark the task progress by changing the task completion value (%complete or %work complete)
· View timephased information about tasks' work and cost
· Easy to use Gantt Graph
· Project Guide assists you step-by-step with easy to understand explanations
· Icon Bar with specific commands for every view
· Export to Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel
· Printable reports (to printer or to file - pdf format)
· Strong Print Preview interface
· No annoying dialog windows unless strictly necessary
· Cross-platform (work on all major operating systems starting with Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux and all other Java enabled platforms)

· Java 1.5 or later.

· The unregistered version limits your projects to no more than 20 tasks. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added SSL support for email assignments.
· A more user-friendly interface.
· Bug fixes.

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RationalPlan Multi Project 3.13.1

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