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Web Site Maestro is a useful tool for those who update their web site(s) regularly, especially for professional web masters with large sites.But it's also very valuable for the amateur with a smaller web site who wants to make sure that his or her site is always in top condition.It checks your web pages for dangling tags, missing attributes and broken links, and - most importantly - it makes your pages load faster by optimizing both HTML and script code. Web Site Maestro is Unicode-savvy. Drag and Drop is supported.Web Site Maestro speeds up your site by optimizing both HTML and script code of your web pages and optimizing your JPEG images. It helps you keep organized by creating a duplicate site folder for the optimized files. An added benefit is that it leaves your original files untouched. You should use your original web folder for editing and use the duplicate web folder for uploading. If you work directly on the server you can optimize your original pages.Web Site Maestro features Smart Handling, supports XML and can handle web pages with any text encoding. Moreover, it can check your web pages for dangling tags, missing attributes and broken links.An integrated FTP Client enables one-click optimizing and uploading, even to a parent site and mirror sites in one pass, also in secure mode (ftps). You can synchronize your entire web site with your local web folder or synchronize a single remote folder.Web Site Maestro offers many options to customize its operation to your special needs.
key features of "Web Site Maestro X":

· When you start the application for the first time, a wizard appears and guides you through the configuration process.
· All optimizers optimize both HTML code and script code. The following script types are supported: JavaScript, Java, LassoScript, VBScript, JScript, CFScript, PHP, ASP, JSP, CSP, TPL and CSS.
· The Smart Handling option enables you to automatically handle only the pages that you have edited. If you have worked on 25 pages during the day and then you optimize your entire web folder with Smart Handling on, you will see that only the changed pages are optimized.
· You can exclude certain subfolders from being optimized.
· In the Preferences panel you can customize the optimization rules, and more. You could, for example, select the option to encode email addresses against spam harvesters.
· A history log is available to show all your actions from the past.

· 30 days trial period.
· You can optimize only 50% of your total number of web files in one pass. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added the option to put custom Site Analytics code just before the tag of each optimized file, for each web folder separately.
· Improved reliability and speed of FTP and FTPS uploading.
· Fixed a bug that could inadvertently change the Smart Handling mode.

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Web Site Maestro X 7.3

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